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    hi all just wondering if anyone out there can help me out. The problem is when I turned my pc off last night and tried to turn it back on this morning it comes up with boot failure and I don't know what on earth I am supposed to do and I don't have any disks? any help would be great. Thanks in advance


    What is the exact message your getting on your screen.

    Have you left anything like a floppy disk or memory stick plugged in? it may be trying to boot from that :thumbsup:

    Boot the master hard drive, works for me.

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    boot failure reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device press any key when ready

    Does the PC recognize your hard drive in the BIOS ?

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    ? I don't no how to do this?


    Press ctrl+alt+delete twice, this sometimes occurs because of a fault in windows 95-2000. Its a failure to load the correct memory drivers, the only solution is fix that is no longer available from Microsoft. Or you could do a complete re-install

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    ? I don't no how to do this?

    On most PC's you hold down the DEL key when the pc boots up. It will take you to the BIOS.…htm

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    just turns off the pc ?? and same message comes up about boot failure

    Did you do what I said. (you have to press the key right at the start before you get any messages.)

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    it doesn't take me to anything

    What make is your PC and have you had a look at the link I posted ?

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    now I'm gettin no boot filename recieved ?

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    yes I have and I have tried them. its a nec

    If you don't know how to go into the Bios then i wouldn't go any further. Try and get hold of someone that knows about PC's or you could make it worse and lose everything.

    In most cases when i get a PC to fix it's usually something basic but has been made worse by the user trying to fix it themselves.

    Don't take it to PC World either as they will charge you a fortune to just re-install windows.

    Where are you located ? If your really stuck perhaps a kind forum member would help if they live nearby ! ;-)

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    I am on the bios

    It should look something like this.

    Are there any hard drives in the list when you open the Standard cmos Features ?

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    I have done it thank you so much stora . rep left to all
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