PLEASE HELP: my grandads dying & i need immediate cheap flight from heathrow 2 cyprus

    Damn, my dad just called me on the phone and my uncle told him my grandads taken a turn for the worse in hospital and could die any minute in cyprus, so he could actually die on my 24th birthday, which is today and we won't be able to sort out flights in time.........

    Does anyone know where to book cheap flights to Cyprus from heathrow for wednesday or thursday, preferably to Larnaca airport, which would be cheaper to get to the turkish side?

    I really appreciate any help on the matter...... :oops:


    Mate I have no idea but any bump is a good bump so have one on me!!!

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    Thanks for the help but i need tickets to be as cheap as possible, as the trip is unexpected and the budget is tight

    I found a site called Kayak, who's doing the tickets for £187 return per person including taxes and fees but i don't know if they're reliable, as the site then takes you to an american site called orbitz, who are listed as a partner site to Ebookers.

    Can anyone shed some light on this or know of anywhere cheaper?

    We're looking to travel on the 14/15th march and come back around 05/04/2007.

    I hope you get something sorted,sorry to hear that news,a bummer on your b'day as well.

    I think there will be someone on in the morning who could help(engadine,I think) very helpful when it comes to travel.

    Stop worrying too much now,try get some kip and you will be best served with a clear head tomorrow.:)

    im online for an hour or so i'll have a look around 4 u

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    this1 looks … this1 looks better

    I can see you're trying hard to help mate, which i greatly appreciate, so here's some positive rep as a thank you


    Any of these, I know most aren't any good … Any of these, I know most aren't any good :

    i was just about to post that lol, there's one for £108 near the bottom.

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    i was just about to post that lol, there's one for £108 near the bottom.

    Hi mate,

    Yeah, i noticed that but i haven't heard of that company either, does anyone know if they're reliable, as i need to make sure they won't take the money and not supply the tickets in time......... i haven't got any experience whatsoever with booking flights but i need to do this for my dad, as he's a wreck at the moment, so any advice as to what i need to do would also be appreciated.

    Late tickets will probably be picked up at the airport anyway or you will need to take your booking ref number if you purchase over the internet(most of the cheap flights do this eg easyjet,ryanair monarch etc)


    There website looks pretty poor, even if it is in construction :

    Sorry to hear your bad news, it's my birthday today aswell, i'm 22

    Hope your grandad pulls through man :-(

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    Anymore advise from reliable places, as i think we need to book a flight within the next couple hours, as i called a turkish airline and they quoted us £344 return per person and said if we want the ticket, it has to be booked before 3pm today.

    Happy birthday to Jazon as well, it's always nice to meet people born on the same day as yourself.

    Cyprus Airways seem to come out the cheapest on most search engines. May be worth giving their reservations a ring (too late to book online with them). Their contact telephone numbers are ]here
    Good luck and I hope you get there - goodbyes are very important in these difficult circumstances, best wishes to you.

    Hi, I don't really know what price is good but here's one I found searching Kelkoo, it's with
    London Heathrow

    London Heathrow

    Leaves 09:45
    Arrives 16:10

    Leaves 03:35
    Arrives 06:35
    Direct Flight
    Direct Flight Cyprus Airways
    economy class

    All Taxes Included


    Cyprus Airways appear to be coming out the cheapest, have a look at [url][/url]

    Find the most reasonable one you see, and just go mate.

    All the best

    The best I have found is the same as has already been posted. Hope you get something sorted this afternoon, as Deal4Me says just go, best wishes

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    Thank you very much everyone that offered help and advise and will leave positive rep for you all shortly.
    Your support is greatly appreciated during these difficult and confused times, as i now doubt if i should try and enjoy my evening plans with my gf, as respect for my grandfather.

    I need to make quick decisions and cancelling the restaurant and then the venue could be costly and it's a shame that my birthday didn't work out the way i had envisaged months ago. :-(

    *hug* I hope you get through this, im here if you need to talk


    Really sorry to hear this realfriendlyman ((hugs)). Been checking out some flights but cant find anything cheaper as yet ...

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    I just spoke to Cyprus Airways and they quoted £258.50 return per person, so it does make me suspicious that Flying Eagle is offering the same for £108 return per person through the same airlines.

    P.S thanks Geek Grrrl and Millercat

    sorry to hear your news, i had a look and i cant find any cheaper flights, just the ones that have already been posted.

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    Thank you for the searches but can anyone advise on the lowest priced reputable supplier?

    After seeing the lowest priced site which was fliying eagles, it looks very cheap and says "you can contact me" on the homepage, making it sound like a 1 man operation.


    I just spoke to Cyprus Airways and they quoted £258.50 return per person, … I just spoke to Cyprus Airways and they quoted £258.50 return per person, so it does make me suspicious that Flying Eagle is offering the same for £108 return per person through the same airlines.P.S thanks Geek Grrrl and Millercat

    Go with your gut instinct,realfriendlyman.

    What is important is that you get there to be with your family at this time,money cannot buy any time that you miss with them.

    My father in law passed away just after xmas and my OH had to get to spain,like you,pdq........going with monarch on a budget flight still cost £230 return and I had to do a 9 hour round trip to get him to Gatwick,so £258 sounds reasonable imo.

    There will be plenty of birthdays for you to enjoy in the future,be with the ones you care most for.

    I send you hugs at this difficult time,take care xxxxxx

    i cant find anything cheaper than £258.50 return per person i think this is gonna be the best you can get.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather. I had a quick look on expedia and found this for £212.50:

    09:45 Depart London (LHR)
    Arrive Larnaca (LCA) 16:10 Thu 15-Mar
    Duration: 4hr 25min Airways 327
    Direct flight
    03:35 Depart Larnaca (LCA)
    Arrive London (LHR) 06:35 Thu 22-Mar
    Duration: 5hr 0min Airways 332
    Direct flight

    Having a look on, I see that lots of airlines fly to Larnaca (LCA). BA and Cyprus fly direct; KLM, Lufthansa, Austrian and others fly with one stop each.

    You could use ] to determine when you'd like to fly and try getting in touch with the airline directly, explaining your situation.

    I hope that your grandfather gets better soon.

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    Thanks again for all the support, the actual place my father wants to go is Ercan, as it's close to Lefkosa, which is where my grandfather is but this is more expensive and takes a lot longer to travel, as it stops in Istanbul for transfers, before it takes off again, also less flights travel to the turkish side of Cyprus at the moment, so it's very difficult to get hold of emergency tickets.

    When i called the travel agent, they quoted £344, whereas the greek side is £258.50, so it may be worth the price difference if we can get someone to pick us up.

    Our Best Flight Fare from HEATHROW to LARNACA is from £148 (+ £56 tax) flying with BRITISH AIRWAYS. Leaving on 14 March 2007, and returning from LARNACA on 05 April 2007.

    This was via the ] website.

    hope this helps.

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    Thanks everyone, my dads booked the flights along with my uncle and aunt but i've decided to stay.

    Thank you very much for all the offers and support everyone has given me over the last couple days.
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