Please help my tv has stopped working :(

    My tv has been playing up for a while , it keeps losing signal an goes blank. i htought it was first my freeview, then my ariel had a mate look at it today, he said "i think its your tv" so thought we would put preview in my bedroom and it sadly worked So my tv has stopped picking up any signal an no channels. Does anyone know if this can be fixed??

    Very much appreciate any feedback


    might be your ariel, as carley said try another set to eliminate the ariel/lead bring the problem before you spend out on a tv

    or connect the freeview box via scart. its unlikely that both the tuner and the av section are broken

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    i did put the ariel and freeview into another tv upstairs and they worked fine. So def is my tv just wanted to know if this is fixable or if i should just chuck the tv ??

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    yes i did try everything. I even tried getting anologue through a booster and in door ariel ( which i was using upstairs) but nothing! Only thing i can do is play dvd's throuh it

    if you can play DVDs through it then the AV section is working. in which case connect the freeview box (or buy a cheap one if yours doesn't have scart) and it will work. if it doesn't work with the freeview connected through scart then your aeriel system is screwed. the TV doesn't care what is coming through the scart, be it DVD or freeview. you could also change the scart cable

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    no isnt my freeview- which i was using through scart as its now up stairs in my bedroom using the same ariel- so knows it aint my ariel or my freeview box. Also know it aint my scart lead as im using on the tv downstairs playing dvd's through it as all i can do. So must def be the tv as EVERYTHING else is working.

    but the DVD and the freeview would connect through the same scart. so it cannot be the TV. unless the freeview box can only output composite video and not RGB whilst the DVD outputs RGB or vice versa. theoretically you could then have a fault on either the composite inputs or RGB inputs of the scart on the TV. but to have such a fault occur at exactly the same time as the tuner going the odds would be astronomical.

    when you plug the freeview into the TV do you get anything onscreen? menus etc. or does it not do anything? if the latter have you tried manually switching the tv over to AV using the remote. you might find that the freeview just doesn't have scart pin8 switching

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    i just get a blank blue screen. I was getting a blue screen with " no signal" showing last week, but now nothing.

    if you were getting a blank blue screen with no signal from the av with the freeview connected then its the aerial to that room.
    try plugging the freeview into that tv with no aerial connected and going into the setup screens. if you can see the menus then there is not a fault with the tv. use the same scart cable as upstairs (where its working) you can then plug in the aerial and try adding new channels

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    Will try that wolf thanks for your help will let you know how i get on Fingers crossed

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    Oh just to add that im using the same ariel upstairs that i was using downstairs as i only have one ariel. And wouldnt the tv still work with a indoor ariel and booster anyway? as it was upstairs.

    nope. freeview is very fussy about signal strength. upstairs you're probably getting just about a strong enough signal, but downstairs would be much weaker. its not like the old days where a bad signal would give you a fuzzy image. digital is all or nothing (mostly) so either you get a perfect picture or nothing at all. plus some amps are just not suitable for digital. you could even (if its not a huge tv) carry it upstairs and see if it works up there.

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    Yes good idea iwill get someone to come and carry it upstairs as 36in lcd but im only small lol. Im getting virgin tv installed free with my phone next week so if the ariel downstairs wouldnt matter. thanks again i will try the above tomorrow.

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    Bloody hell its working upstairs will wait till monday and virgin connect the cable and bring it down. thanks for all your help wolf.

    glad i could help.
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