Please help, Myspace has been phished

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using Myspace to do my club promotions and I've got a lot of people lined up but my account has suddenly become phished while i was sorting out bookings.

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone can advise me what i should do because a lot of people are going to go clubbing tonight and they won't be able to get in if I can't put them on the guestlist.

    This was what appeared on the site, which takes you to a page asking for my current password and what i'd like to change it to, which doesn't include any padlocks and http without the S:

    You've been phished! We have blocked your account, until you change your password! This means you can't send a message, post a bulletin, comment or add a friend until you change your password!

    Your account has been phished. This means that someone stole your email & password. Since we were able to detect this, we're giving you a chance to change your password now. This will prevent the evil phisher from logging in as you and sending spam comments, emails and bulletins. Change it now, and you'll be safe! And yes, this is really from Tom, & no this isn't fake. No one can change your home page except MySpace. Bad guys can only edit your profile, and login as you. They can't change the page this appears on, so you know this message is real. So please change your password and be careful so you don't fall for it again.

    To change your password and secure your account please Click Here


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    My MSN seems to be working fine as well, so I'm not sure if anything has happened but it won't let me respond, post bulletins or create events, so I can't do any of the important stuff at the moment.


    dont know anything about my space but cant you just change your password from the login page

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    The only place i can change my password seems to be on the site once i've logged in and i'm worried whoevers hacked my account will see everything :-(

    This happened to me once, i just changed the password and everything was fine.
    Not sure if that helps, but just saying lol.

    That seems like a scam trying to get your password.......

    It seems to be a bug in MySpace.


    No expert, but this may help.
    Could be a problem with a link or pic if you are posting one, or a capcha problem, I dunno!

    Type the address in a new browser or use the link below.

    Under your account section:…spx

    try selecting "I forgot my password", then once you have it, change it to a new one.

    Quote: Something about what you are trying to post is a no-no. Maybe not content, but it could be a url located within the comment code.
    Drop that comment and post something from a totally different site.
    See if you still get the notice again.

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    Thanks for the advice there Soupy but I didn't quite understand the last paragraph.


    It's like if you or somebody has put a link in a comment to a site that myspace thinks is a bad site, so it will not allow it and think you should be blocked.

    Here you go, link should explain it:…264

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    Thanks for the help soupy, I managed to sort it out but i missed the deadline to get some of the people on the guestlist for the clubs tonight, so i've offered everyone free entry for any day they want to compensate them.

    Here's some well deserved rep for all your help and for the others who tried to help.


    Hey, it interested me and...
    Thank yourself, you fixed it

    Sorry you missed the deadline, but good job on getting it sorted and offering your ppl compensation.

    Now you know what to do if it happens again

    lol am kinda late but quick warning...
    When it comes to logging in to some website eg hotmail myspace rapidshare paypal etc...NEVER USE ANY LINK PROVIDED BY PEOPLE. SIMPLY TYPE IN THE ACTUAL LINK EG PAYPAL.COM INTO THE ADDRESS BAR AND GO THROUGH THERE.

    I was holding a second comp here so someone could win a Rapidshare premium account but someone phished my account cause i clicked on a wrong link. I have it back now but the phisher used my points and made another account.

    So plz remember never use any links provided by people specially if they are hidden eg some people use to hide their links.
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