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Found 17th Jul 2008

I currently am running C2Q Q6600 2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM, 2x 1 TB HD drives, NVidia 7900GS, 40" NEC 4020 Monitor @ 1920 x 1080. My comp is struggling to play Crysis. I really would like to upgrade the graphics card to get the most out of my monitor. The 9800 GTX has been on HUKD for a few weeks but i am not sure about upgrading to old technology (as in is it futureproof??? i mean GDDR3 Vs GDDR5) and would prefere to spend a little more and get a HD 4850 or HD 4870.

Please could you suggest wheather I should just buy a 9800 GTX or HD 4850 or should i spend £50 more and get a HD 4870.

Also please could you guys tell me wheather is worth purchasing a PhysX card??? will this improve my gameplay???

If i were to purchase to HD 4870 should I wait for the price to drop or buy now???

Many Thanks

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Well if it were my money and was looking between the 9800 GTX and the HD 4870 which are both around the £180 mark I choose the HD 4870. On second thoughts if it were my money I would go for 8800GT 512mb for £85 from ebuyer then have a look at the prices in a years time. As with most computer hardware your on a loosing battle.
The best value card performance and price i would have to say is the hd4850, if you buy any of the 9 series and up nvidia cards they have phys-x capability built in but it does hit the performance and does nothing for games coded with Havoc gaming physics, the AMD cards do support Havoc and will be gaining Phys-x support with a driver update soon.

As a regular Nvidia purchaser I would recommend the 4850 and the 4870 amd card over any of the nvidia products right now .
u are playing on monster resolution on a massive screen, u need the best gfx card out right now, hell u probably be better buying two of them for crossfire/sli lol
I'd go for the 4870 for the time being, with the option of getting another one for a crossfire setup at a later stage!!

the AMD cards do support Havoc and will be gaining Phys-x support with a … the AMD cards do support Havoc and will be gaining Phys-x support with a driver update soon.


I would discount the 8800GTX now, if it'd come down in price to £100 it might be worth considering but it's too expensive for what it can do.

If you can afford the 4870 and want the best performance the other two aren't worth considering. The only rival to the 4870 in crysis is the GTX 260 which is more expensive so a price drop seems unlikely. If you're ununable or unwilling to pay for the more expensive GTX260 (it does offer a few features like better Linux support and PhysX but the performance is similar) then the 4870 is the card to go for.

Of course whichever card you buy you can forget about crysis on maximum settings at that resolution, the only thing that can do that currently is a £1000 Tri-GTX280 setup (which gets about 55fps).
btw the GTX260 and GTX280 have come down in price, they were officially reduced when the rumours and pics of the HD4870X2/HD4850X2 were release..

And ATi will get PhysX support soon. Google it and you will get links. Time frame is unknown though!!
Thanks alot fellas; I am gonna wait a little till the end of the month and see the prices. Do 2x 8800GT in SLi outperform the HD 4870 ???
I'd say the 4870 will come up trumps, if only by a small margin. I am just waiting for the day when ATI sorts its crossfire support, and we can crossfire two HD4850X2, ie 4 HD4850 chips in a rig!!
Now i wouldnt want to be the one paying for the electricity with those two on board!!!

But the focus needs to shift from the 8800 to the GTX260, I mean ATI is throwing out top notch technology, and I think the GTX260/GTX280 series is the only one that can compete. I mean they still get a bit of a beating but then ATI has plenty of things to sort out before it can put its feet up and whistle at the world!! They have got the pricing right though!!!




Reading that article it sounds like the effort is more serious than it sounded when I first heard of it but at the end of the day it's still an unofficial attempt without the full co-operation of AMD in an area where maximum peformance is vital so it's probably not a good idea make your choice of card assuming this is going to happen.
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