please help needed

    i was doing my washing the spin finished and when i took out the clothes were all covered in glass i couldnt fathom out what happened but have since discovered a hole in the front of the door . the machine is only 3 months old but i think it was a ten pence that smashed the door when it was spinning does anyone know where i could get a cheap glass part of the door, as they are going to say the ten pence shouldnt have been in the machine and therefore will be charged money for the servicing............... the make is hotpoint and the model is wmd962puk


    I just checked, google isn't broken

    I would contact Hotpoint for a warranty repair - a ten pence piece should not have broken the door - argue with them and dont mention the coin

    The glass is so thick on a door, i can't see a 10p breaking it. On a spin clothes get forced to the edge of the drum rather than towards the front glass. As peragon says....don't mention the 10p...there may have been a weakness in the glass anyway.

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    on it now thanks hope not to be charged or get a jobsworth on the job i managed that google thingy lol cheapest i can find is 55 quid

    ive had loadsa things go through the is always in there and nothing happened to my defo a fault with the machine


    ive had loadsa things go through the is always in there and … ive had loadsa things go through the is always in there and nothing happened to my defo a fault with the machine

    You live in a caravan...........whatever you're washing isn't going to break your bucket!!!!

    a ten pence should not break it as others as said if it would then i should imagine washing machines would get smashed doors all over the country when the button on your jeans hits the door with the weight of the jeans behind it as well, so defoe a fault

    I often have coins, crimps, nails in my machine and nothing has happened to the glass. The other week the entire door came off in my hand though oO Husband ordered new hinges online and fitted them.

    the glass is £48 on espares…e=5

    so definitely stand your ground , it could have been a zip or a metal button on jeans anyway and the machine should be up to it.

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    thanks guys hotpoint are coming out on thursday and teh ten pence will be hidden lol heres hoping x

    Bware of HOTPOINT, my washing machine cost me nearly £500, plus i paid xtra for a 5 yrs warranty, from day one it kept chewing my clothes & not drainning took 3 years 2 get a full refund!!!!
    Awful brand(now they r Indesit!!!!), very poor quality.... b ware of xcuses, this should have never happened....unless u put rocks in the wash!!!! good luck.

    Agree with above, get a Bosch next time. Mine's 12 years old and still going strong. Sure you didn't leave some tools in your pckets ?! Never heard of the glass breaking like that before oO

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    lol tallpete am sure there were no tools in my pockets my old machine is a 7 year bosch good job i hadnt thrown it out yet as there wasnt much up with it just swapped them over until i get it fixed

    With a 10p apparently breaking it you could even argue that the button on your jeans (still connected) might of broke it since thats not an additional out of sort item in the wash.

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    machine now fixed by hotpoint , the guy was a wee bit iffy te start with but i didnt get charged so thanx for help guys
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