Please Help. Opinion required for sound.

    Hi guys, could any in the know tell me if this sound bar is any good. Please don't point me towards more expensive products as this is bang on my price point. Thanks.…tml

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    Looks OK to me , BT and 300w .I dont know much about them myself ,but I just bought a cheapy from Tesco yesterday . They had reduced the Goodman's sound bar from £49 to £25 .So, I thought I would treat myself . I dont normally buy any Alba, Bush or Goodmans products but I thought I would try this one and surprisingly it's not bad .Quickly hooked [BT] up to my Archos tablet I use for playing mp3's and it sounds OK . Comes with all the leads to connect it to TV ,etc and a small remote control .
    For £150 your getting something a lot better and a good make.

    i use a Bose Companion 3 Series II - 2.1-channel speakers payed £70 on E bay second hand good all rounders watching TV pumping up for films or music very small , If i had a sound bar in front of my TV the TV remote would not work as it would block the sensor
    just a idea ?? .......and bought a Bluetooth gadget on eBay for £8 so wireless now can plug it into my car radio makes it into hands free

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    so I've bought this sound bar and tried it today. Great sound quality even at high volume and nice deep bass. I mananged to wiggle a further £5 off the price. Not huge saving but better in my pocket. Downfall being no optical Inc but I have no regrets. Thanks for input.
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