Please help PC screen goes black for a few seconds

    Hi, I received my pc for christmas and every now and then the screen goes black like it does when the graphics driver is being installed.
    I bought a new graphics card a few days ago and for a few days it hasn't done it and all of a sudden just now it happened again.
    It's for a second or two and it doesn't lose it's signal with the tv because everything is still running in the background.
    I'm wondering if it's the dvi to hdmi lead but because the signal with my tv isn't lost i'm not sure.
    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    sounds like either your graphic card isn't seated properly or the driver that you have installed is not the correct one. I have an older loptop which will not run the latest nvidia updates, these cause similar problems to those you are experiencing. Hope this helps

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    Thanks for your reply macthecat. I would of thought it was the graphics card but because it happened with the onboard graphics and the new graphics card i'm not so sure.

    What gfx card is it? No hdmi out?

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    Hi Enigmatik33, It's a Gigabyte GTX 750 TI. Yes it's got HDMI out. I had the cable from before when i connected it to the onboard graphics. I'm going to try it with a HDMI cable tomorrow to see if that fixes it.

    Go onto the gigabyte website then go to the support page, find your graphics card and download the latest driver, if all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the driver via device manager?

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    Thanks for your help marcoroyes7532. I don't think the graphics card is the problem though because it done the same thing with the onboard graphics.

    if you are assuming that this problem exsisted with the on board graphics and persists with a new graphic card fitted it is quite possible you have a problem with your motherboard. At this point I would considered returning it to seller and asking for a fix or a refund, sorry to be the voice of doom but you could end up invalidating your warrenty if you try to fix it yourself.

    You need to look at the event viewer and see what is failing.

    You should try a different screen.

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    Thanks macthecat and smellyonion. I think you're right smellyonion when you said try a different screen because it was doing it alot earlier and when i turned the tv off and on again it stopped doing it. I hope it isn't a faulty motherboard because I don't know if I could live without it right now, I'm addicted to far cry 4 lol.
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