please help, quidco says cookies are disabled on my new comp

    trying to log into quidco now , hut keep getting message that cookies are disabled.


    Does the new pc have any anti-virus software?
    I have loads of fun with zonealarm and cookies.
    Might be worth having a look if some sites or cookies are blocked.
    One way i find is to go to google, go to preferences and change and make a change in there.
    Google will either tell you it has been changed and saved, or warn of cookies being blocked which might help you

    Original Poster

    yes it does have antivirus software, norton i have followed the instruction in google and quidco but the prob seems to persist.

    Then i think you need to check/change the security settings in norton.
    I have not used it in a long time, so cannot help more sorry.
    You need someone who knows norton
    I'd not recommend this long term, but i would:

    go online as normal,
    open up ie or firefox (depends on what you use)
    disable norton
    try the cookie tests as per above
    restart norton asap

    That way, you'll know if it is norton or summat more fundamental
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