PLEASE HELP! - shall I buy Hama beads or Aqua beads, reviews please!

Found 21st Nov 2007
I have been considering buying one of these sets for my daughter for a while now, but I just don't know which one to go for.

I don't want it to be a one-off thing, I want something that she will keep using.

Any reviews/opinions please? Which is easier, better accessories.
I don't know a thing about either of them except that Hama beads you have to iron and Aqua beads you spray with water.

Any help appreciated, rep will be given!
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I personally find Hama beads better. The aqua beads tend to be very unreliable for small children (6+8 years for me) and do not stick all that well. Add to that the fact of recent reports that they are laced with GBH and can cause severe illness id go with the Hama. They are always reliable, ok you need an adult to iron them, but i find them much better and the kids always go back to Hama - one thing that they havent done with the aqua beads coz their designs 'fell apart'. I still have Hama designs that the kids done 3 years ago bless em, one thing that im sure wouldnt happen with the flimsy aqua beads.
Thanks, that's great, will probably go with hama beads then :thumbsup:

Think it was just the Bindeez that were recalled for the drug thing, though - just thought I'd point that out
Yeah the Bindeez were the ones my little ones used... the exact same setup as the one pictured in the national papers lol :-/

So i can only comment on those and not other types... but im sure the rest will be not far off, perhaps other may be able to comment more.
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