PLEASE HELP - someone who owns Transformers HD DVD (UK Release)

    Hi, this a strange question, but anyone who owns Transformers HD DVD (the UK Release)

    Can you tell me is it normal for the dvd cover to have no writing or barcode on the back on the dvd cover



    Both barcode and usual synopsis on mine..... i'll upload a photo if you like (looks great in HD btw)

    I dont have it, but i guess not? unless it should be in an outer sleeve/

    how can they scan the barcode when you buy it.....

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    Yes, please could you upload me a photo. I got mine today from HMV online, I paid alot for it (but I was using up gift vouchers) but it is really strange there is no writing (just a picture) on the back of the hd dvd cover. It is the Uk Release as it has the age ratings on the discs & front cover, but there is a small paramount leaflet inside, which has pictures of US releases of HD DVDs as they have no age ratings on them - has yours got the same.
    It looks genuine & the discs - but it is really strange there is no barcode or info on the back of the cover.

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    I have uploaded 2 photos of mine (so you understand what I mine about no writing on the back of the cover) Sorry they are really bad quality scans - it makes the dvd & leaflet look fake (but they don't look fake in the flesh)

    What region does it say? or doesnt it?

    could it be because it's a special edition? why dont you email hmv?

    Sounds like you have it without the outer cover...

    There is a slide over cover that comes with it, or should do (mine is a US Version, but I saw the UK Version in Asda and it was exactly the same).

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    I will email HMV, I just wanted to see if other Transformers HD DVDs were like this.
    last time I had a problem with HMV (in the summer they took 2 months, a letter sent via recorded delivery & many phone calls) to solve the problem.
    I will email them - but they probably won't do anything as I have opened it as you can see (it took me a while to release, the back of the dvd cover looked strange!!!!!)

    Have there been any promotions were you can get a free Transformers HD DVd like the Bourne Supremacy & 300 which came with a Toshiba Ep30 or EP35 as the suppliers could have sent HMV the wrong batch.

    Or do HMV ever do HMv exclusive covers (it didn't mention it one the website)

    On the cover it doesn't say a region. But as the cover & discs have the 12 age certificate - i guess it is the UK release

    I think you've just been unfortunate and someone has whipped the slide over cover off your item...

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    I think you've just been unfortunate and someone has whipped the slide … I think you've just been unfortunate and someone has whipped the slide over cover off your item...

    Yes I agree, I think it must be factory mistake, as the dvd was sealed & I presume the slip cover should have been under the cellophane. i will email HMV , but I find they never reply to emails - but hopefully if I ask for a slip case they will send me one.

    slip cover wouldnt have been under the cellophane..

    my titanic wasnt.


    Take it back to a HMV store with the invoice.

    Your supposed to have a dvd cover over it - a sleeve with the barcode and synopsis - same with ym spesh edition dvd
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