Please Help - Unable to Connect Laptop to Xbox 360 s

    We've had both laptop and xbox s for sometime, and never connected them via the media centre.
    We've now been trying to connect these so we can show my father in law some photo's on the tv, but after putting the 8 digit code in the media centre it is unable to find the extender.
    I have tried to google the solution since yesterday and getting nowhere.

    Can someone please give me some assistance?

    Setup is -

    Xbox s - connected wireless to bt home hub xbox live works fine.
    Laptop - windows 7 connected to same home hub, internet fine.

    I have tried disabling both home hub and windows firewall, but still media centre is unable to locate extender.
    upnp is enabled on the home hub.

    Any help is much appreciated.


    You have to open up most of your file sharing options .. and use the files named shared video folders and such thats how I stream my media thourgh my laptop once i have moved the pics / films into they folders.. but I think there must be a better way .. its good for films and photos tho..


    I haven't used Windows Media Center but have you tried using Windows Media Player instead?
    In the options you can allow it to share with the xbox.

    if you get no joy with anyone on here use this it works fine

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys,

    It was a bit hit and miss and trying everything i could find.
    I made some registry changes, and enabling some stuff, which still didn't work on its own.
    But then changed my NAT settings, rebooted the homehub, and that made it all work.
    Reinstated the firewall, and everything still working so all's now good.

    Thanks again
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