Please Help us decide...

We're off on holiday but can't decide which one........

Golden Sands - Caravan - Prestige - Haven or

Butlins - Chalet - Standard - SC - Skegness

Which one would you have and why???


Haven caravan!

Been to many Haven sites over the years
If we have ever stayed in a chalet it's been manky!

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Thanks would appear no-one else is available for comment yet

nice van over manky chalet x x

plus butlins skegness if the wind is blowing the wrong wayyou get the smell from the local sewerage plant

I would go to the caravan rather than the chalet.

well we do both each year, but down south,
I'd say haven in summer as prestige vans are usually nice, but butlins for winter as although the chalets are a bit pants you don't spend too much time in it as there is so much great entertainment at butlins
just my opinion, hth

centre parcs for me.

I'm going to Golden sands next week, heard mixed reviews tbh. Been to Skegness a few years back for 3 nights, thats long enough! The chalets were awful, really dirty and in desperate need of refurbishing but the entertainment is great for the kids. Would not recommend eating in the restaurant, the place was filthy.

I would personally go Haven as the accomodation will be better, especially with Prestige caravan.

Have you looked at Hoseasons? they do some nice holiday parks :thumbsup:


centre parcs for me.

We go Centre Parcs every year and we have a great time. Only thing is the activities can cost quite a bit.
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