please help want to buy my boyf a camcorder for xmas

    hi everyone! i would love to get my boyfriend a camcorder for xmas and i know nothing about them. i am looking to spend about 100 or 150 if its a really good one. it needs to be quite a good name he is quite snobby about names. i think the main thing for him would be if it was small and light but it would also need to take good quality videos. all help greatly appreciated thanks


    is he going to be making home movies then?;-)

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    you should both be ashamed of yourselves, lol

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    also, forgot to say, he will probably not like whichever i get him so it would be good if it was from somewhere that would take it back, i know argos dont, but surely somewhere would if it hadnt been opened?

    Argos don't???? I've even taken back a shaver, nailset and other "non returnable" items and got a gift card at the very least.


    I have seen your post and I think one of the best camcorders @ that price range is the Panasonic S7 @ £146.79. It is a small and light SD Card Camcorder (this means you record onto SD Card). It has 10x optical zoom and a2.7" LCD so you can view your movies clearly, also it has a You Tube uplad mode so you can upload your movies to the internet very easily.
    I have attached the link for this from Currys, they also have it in red and blue which he may prefer over the silver.…893

    If this link does not work then go to [url][/url] and type product code 525893. This will show you the silver one but the colours are on the right had side of that page.

    Hope this helps.
    Any other questions give me a shout as I am a bit of a camcorder expert

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