Hi, Im wondering if some kind soul could help me? A few weeks back I noticed a Star Wars tv/dvd combo on sale in B&M Stores for £60. I knew I should have picked it up then but was totally skint (story of my life!!!) It is in the shape of Darth Vader. I have tried to contact B+m but no joy. I have exhusted all my options I think so i am at the mercy of you clever shoppers Have tried Toys r us and Smyths.


    They have it in Toys'R'Us for the same price, I think.

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    Thanks but nothing showing on their website

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    Sorry I should have mentioned Im in the NW and the nearest to me is Cardiff....and they dont deliver and its out of stock in that store :(. Thanks anyway

    Goodluck with your quest


    They have it in Toys'R'Us for the same price, I think.

    I can confirm they have it instore, well in the Oxford store at least.
    Might be worth a trp to your local.

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    Thanks very much a trip to toys r us is in order me thinks!!! xx

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    Out of stock in all toys r us :(((

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