PLEASE HELP What is the best I can get for my money

Found 2nd Jan 2018
I’m trying to buy a gaming laptop for 700-800 pounds and I don’t know what the best I can get for my money is, I’d also consider pcs happily but prefer a laptop if had to choose between 2 with same specs, I can pay more if it comes with a bundle I can sell etc etc
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Maybe the one you posted earlier
That’s what I was thinking tbh
But people don’t seem to think it’s hot
With that money try to get 1050ti as graphic card. The deal you posted is decent. People do not vote it to be super hot because recently there were more better deals(expired) and glitches that has been happening. I would try to get to ebay and find those who sell the glitches laptop. I know in gumtree there this one guy that sell his inspiron 7577 for 880 quid{possibly from glitch} which is still a great price but I can't afford it atm and it's gone before my eyes..
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OmarTayee14 h, 19 m ago

That’s what I was thinking tbh

That laptop is £900 and only has a 1050, you could get a 1050ti easily for that price and it Wipes the floor with a 1050.

Look at this…161

1060 for same price. 1060 is so so so much better than a 1050.
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