Please Help with 3 upgrade

Posted 7th Nov
currently on 30gb exp 29 nov with £36 a month
called for notice and asked for any offers with reduced data as i hardly use 2/3 gb
best they could do was 12gb for £10. i mentioned the tcb/quidco can cost u der £7 and she didn't move so i took pac code.
now do i call back again to try again or just look for better deal elsewhere?
was also offered p30 pro for 34 a month but considering it was on sale by three for around 500 i refused.
please help if you have experience with them.
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Wow that's an expensive plan and the offer to remain is awful too

I'm with three and I pay £10 a month unlimited everything

Just leave. Plenty of brilliant deals on here and you will get under £10 month easy as you hardly use any data
Speak to them on live chat. Explain how you love three, really don't want to move, are being forced to because of no decent deal etc. Look for better deals from other companies and use those as bargaining tools.

Keep trying. They will try their best and offer you what they can.

If you're going for sim only then you should get something decent for £10.
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