Hi there, i am desperatley needing a side by side umberella fold double buggy and have not yet joined Costco. I am very interested to see if they sell them but apparently they can't do any stock check without a membership number!!!!

Does anyone know if they sell them.

Thanks in advance.
Rep left for any help.


Don't waste your money on a side by side. Buy a Phil & Teds, from my experience (I have a 2 an a half yr old and a 8 week old) much more practical and adaptable. A worthy investment and much better to use in shops etc. At the mo' the newborn lies down in the moses and the toddler is on top.

side by side prams are great until you actually try shopping with them. It's a case of making enemies wherever you go. They are the pram equivalent of 4X4's taking up far too much room and just getting in everyone's way. They are a total nightmare to turn and you won't even fit in most shops. How old are your kids? Perhaps a "buggy board" which fits onto a normal pram might be suitable?

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I already have an apple green phil & teds, but the problem i've got is that i'm a childminder and i drive a zafira, when i have all 7 seats in use (which is most days) then the phil & teds doesn't fit in the excuse for a boot they give you will all seats up!!!

I have 2 kids under 18mts and when i'm dropping off at school i need to be able to put them somewhere, hense the need for a cheap umberella fold side by side!!

You can get a side by side thats really compact they look no bigger than my quinny. No idea the brand or anything maybe a trip to mothercare might be advised

have a look at baby jogger city mini twin?

i cant find the link to the baby jogger site..
its v narrow and folds backwards-ie you pull tabs on the seat base and the whole thing folds in two in one movement..i cant find the link!!!!!


got it!! watch the demo??

Costco stock varies from store to store and from week to week. They never seem to stock the cheaper stuff, probably because it has a lower profit margin, I have found that they are cheaper for the higher end stuff.
If you are looking just for a cheap side by side buggy have you looked at Argos and Toys R Us?
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