please help with my xbox 360

    I have got a core system with no HDMI port any words of advice to get the best picture from it.


    Use a VGA cable if possible? What type of telly you got?

    you can also get component cables?

    As Bazzaric said VGA or Component are your best bet, for most Component gives more vivid colours whereas VGA gives a sharper image. I prefer Component myself but have to stick with VGA as my Wii uses my Component on my TV

    Doesnt the core system come with component cables? If so and your telly will support it this is the 'best' way....

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    well im hoping to buy a hd tv soon. Also where is the best place to buy a VGA cable, is this what i am looking for…666

    depends how far your tv is, we got ours off ebay and our tv is at least 4 feet away.

    If you are going to buy a VGA cable buy an Official Cable, they go for about £10 2nd Hand but it's more than worth the extra cost as the 3rd party cables are poor quality, I had one and it looked like I was using a aerial cable...

    use the SCART adapter

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