please help with this film!!!!! its doin my head in

    ok, im trying to think of the name of this film and its doing my head in. ill describe it as much as i can

    an irish family moves to new york for a fresh start after one of their kids dies. they move into a scruffy block of flats....there is a black american bloke that seems really scary but in the end helps the family he has cancer and ends up dying. the mother is pregnant and the baby nearly dies.....
    also the father tries to get an air con system as its really hot and he puts it half out the window

    thats all i remember lol rep for anyone who can help me haha


    dunno but it sounds a barrel of laughs

    ^^^^ this

    Is it Ghostbusters 2?

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles?

    In America, good film :thumbsup:


    Pole to pole with Michael Palin?


    In America

    Deffo this :thumbsup:

    Scored quite well also

    yeah defo "in america"
    fantastic film!

    Babe - pig in the city?
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