please help with wild west music?

Found 1st Jul 2007
ok this is my theory....

i will be playing some kind of piano music?? suggestions please of what they played in wild west / clint eastwood kind of timeage..

when my guests arrive i want to have another cd player to hand which will make a scratched record sound.. as they used to do and then play like the sort of music that clint eastwood used to walk into!!

would get the guests each time to stop talking and just stare at the new arrivels!!

ok suggestions please cause dont knopw where to start???

thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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9 views and no help?? come on guys you can do better than this??
Don't know if this is the kind of piano music that your looking for, but if your search Google for ragtime music there are quite a few free midi download sites.
Im guessing you could use the music by Ennio Morricone from films like The Good, Bad & Ugly and other spaghetti westerns.
Cd's by Ennio Morricone are common so you should be able to listen to one in your local HMV or whatever.
Online they can easily be purchased but be careful because there are some cheap rubbish Cd's out there !

Hope that helps
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