please help - Xbox 360 or Wii ??!?

    I really need help, it is my sons 9th birthday (in 2 wks) and i don't know which computer to get him (& where the best prices are) Xbox 360 or Wii. He is v good with computers so the age thing is not really an issue just which is the best/has the best games.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


    It's hard to say without knowing your son which he would prefer, If he is really into his computer games I would say a 360. The 360 or PS3 has the big titles and best games. The Wii has the fun factor and is something you can just pick up and play when you fancy a laugh. If he plays them occasionally and has lots of friends to play them with it would have to be the Wii.

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    Thanks, he likes games like sonic and star wars. Is the Wii just like the eye toy (PS2)?

    The Wii will be at it's current price for at least 1 year, if not longer. The 360 will go down in price in that time. If you eventually plan on having both, get a Wii first.

    If it's games like Sonic then I'd go for the wii. The machine is built for games like this and there are loads of games of a similar genre for younger players priced at around the £20 mark. The xbox 360 is built for serious game players in my opinion.

    Good luck on finding a wii though. Sign up to who will send you an email when they find stock somewhere, but usually it's best sticking to the hot deals forum on here.

    I've got a wii and the sensor control will blow your mind away. There's not many reports of wii's breaking down but xbox 360's (by all accounts on here) regularly do. But it's your decision at the end of the day.

    Well the 360 is quite hard for some people to get to grips with knowing all the features of using it, if he is addicted to gaming then i would say xbox 360 as it lasts longer. Everyone i have talked to about the wii have sold it as it is fun for a while but when that dies off there is nothing left. I have been playing my 360 for about 8 months and still not bored, 360 is by far the best if you intend to get xbox live as thats were the fun is, meeting new people online and having a friends list so you can play whenever you want.

    There is a sonic game on the 360 but i wouldnt recomend getting it as its nothing like the original although the best part about the 360 is the live arcade were you can play alot of classic games but at a price for example. £18 in shops will get you 2100 points, now arcade games are priced at 400 or 800 points so you could get 2 800 point games and 1 400 and so on. I would definatly recommend the 360 to anyone who loves gaming as its the best console i have ever played on (had a ps3 for few weeks, not got a wii but played it a few time).

    Hope that helps


    Thanks, he likes games like sonic and star wars. Is the Wii just like … Thanks, he likes games like sonic and star wars. Is the Wii just like the eye toy (PS2)?

    Sort of in the style of play but it uses motion controllers not a camera.

    hey *scooby* go for the wii due to his age and the fun factor.

    A great current sonic game:…tml

    There are going to be some excellent games coming out during this year that should suit what he likes.…tml…tml

    The wii isn't just for kids and should allow him to interact with friends and older family members like you.

    I would definately go for the xbox 360 - I have just been through the same process (ie Wii vs xbox 360 vs PS3) and found that for hte money the xbox just can't be beat!! It has a great range of games already available.

    The Wii may be better for your son - but c'mon, lets stop kidding ourselves, you know you'll spend a few hours sitting in front of it!! So go for the xbox !!

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    I do play sometimes but we have the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube already so its hard to decide which to play he also has a DS & an SP its just computer madness.
    I think that he plays the Gamecube the most as he seems to like sonic/monkey ball (all the stuff i hate).

    hey *scooby* dump the Gamecube to make space!

    He seems a Nintendo fan! Get the Wii but don't worry as GC games will work fine

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    hey *scooby* dump the Gamecube to make space!He seems a Nintendo fan! Get … hey *scooby* dump the Gamecube to make space!He seems a Nintendo fan! Get the Wii but don't worry as GC games will work fine

    Can you play gamecube games in the Wii?

    Yes they work in the Wii

    It has been made backwards compatible and thus pack away the GC and make way for the Wii. There are many Mario games in the pipeline and all should hopefully appeal to your son.

    "Wii can play both Wii games and GameCube games, it seems like Wii will boot into different CPU/mode depending on what games/platform media is inserted. Playing Wii and resetting Wii games is easy, just "Home" then "Wii channel" or "Reset". However when playing GameCube games, it goes into GameCube mode which seems like it's a separate hardware bootup, and you're not longer in Wii "environment". So to reboot/reset the system, you'll have to physically press the "Reset" button on the Wii unit."


    If he's a gamer, he'll want a 360.

    If he wants fun, get a wii.

    360 has a huge selection of games at moment. wii's collection isnt great at moment due to being newer.

    and im not bi'ast... i have both

    Yeh i totaly aree with Chris on that one

    If your a gamer and enjoy the look of your games (graphics etc) then def get the Xbox 360

    If your just wanting fun then get the Wii

    XBOX 360 if he is a gamer :-D

    See here for taster of Halo 3 - looks awesome - remember this is a beta version and the picture quality is not that good. Ignore the awful music as well ;-)…4c8

    I'd go for the Wii.

    It should be a more socialable console than the xbox 360 (yes I know about live but I mean people who are there with you).
    Its also the one that you are more likely to be able to play with him (at times lol!)

    Games on both seem to cost about the same.
    Wii costs less for the console.
    If you get an xbox 'core' (no hard drive) he will then ask for a hard drive all the time

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    Thanks for all the advice.
    I have ordered a Wii for his birthday, the games did seem more child friendly (and he has a little bit of a belly at the mo so the exercise while playing will do him the world of good).

    The right choice was made :thumbsup:

    He can grow into a more mature gamer and pick up a £99 360 in 2010!

    Mrs Scoob can also play Animal Crossing Wii later this year.

    Maybe The Godfather BlackHand edition for you Sir?

    Get a wii We have one and its so much fun!!!
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