Please help... xbox live DSN Failed?? i am with AOL

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Found 29th Oct 2007
Please help... xbox live DSN Failed?? i am with AOL and for some reason my xbox will never connect. i took it around my brothers house and it worked there he is on Sky broadband. has anyone had this problem? know how to fix it? should i get a new router? thanks


Are your dns settings set to automatic?

If you have a read ]here it'll help you

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yeah they are set to automatic. my brothers router has more ports for the ethernet cable i only have the one on mine and my pc plugs into that. the internet works fine on pc but when i tae that lead out and put the xbox one in it always fails at the dns stage of the system test.

thank you for the replies

Ahhh, it sounds like you need a router

No problem, sorry I couldn't be more help

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Ok. does anyone know where i can get a cheap router dont need wireless or anything like that just want to be able to go on xbox live..


How cheap you thinking?! there's one for £18 on Amazon

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that would do nicely. whch one is it?? and would it work with AOL and xbox live? sorry but im not the best with all this sort of stuff :oops:

get away from aol if possible, u find it a knightmare using aol and tryin 2 play online, thier pings are very high and not suited to gaming tbh
everytime you seen laggin on xbox live we always joke he/she got aol,lol

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Yeah i know what you mean but i only pay 9.99 per month and have unlimited downloads its been fine until i got the xbox360 and my brothers on Pro Evo 8 saying how great it is on live!! :-(

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My brother has got a spare Sky router would that work or do i have to be on Sky broadband??

Phone AOL telling them you want to leave stating that you are moving to a provider that will give you a free router for the same or less money per month (you could also add connection speed to the argument if you do not get full whack)

They should then buckle and offer to send you a free router!

If not just accept the MAC code and start looking elsewhere!

Sky router will work if you re-flash the firmware back to the original Netgear firmware.

It might be worth trying the sky router! If it doesn't work I'd do what jayhab said and try and get an upgrade, which they'll most likely give you!

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Thanks alot i have phoned AOL customer services a few times re: this and they keep on saying its the Xbox's fault even though it works fine on sky broadband i will see if they will offer me a free router... fingers crossed people!!

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also if that doesnt work i will try what jayhab said but i havent got a clue how to re-flash the firmware back to the original Netgear firmware :oops:

and thats only if my brother will give me his spare as he has had a few problems with his router so he might need it! :roll:
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