PLEASE HELP,ebay motor fees ?

Found 29th Apr 2009
hi, my dad want to sell his car on ebay but i'm not sure what the selling fees are on ebay motors, he is hoping to get £1800 to £2000, does anyone know how much the fees would be for this, i know its £8 to list a car, could you please let me know asap.
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The last car I sold in Ebay in January (for around £700) was £8 listing fee and £20 final value fee. Don't forget that if they pay by Paypal, there may be fees there also. As you are hoping to get around £2k, then I'm not sure if the final value fee would be higher again....
I think it works out around £30-35 to sell it on eBay, similar to Autotrader, although I believe Autotrader have a 'sale' on atm

Just look on eBay at ]their fees page, motors are on there.

Around £28 according to this if you sell it for £2000

Insertion Fee
Single Item Listing
Multiple Item Listing

Auction Style

Buy It Now only
£8.00 multiplied by the number of Vehicles listed.

Classified Ad

Final Value Fee
Final Selling Price
Final Value Fee

£0.01 - £1,999.99

£2,000.00 - £3,499.99

£3,500.00 and above
thanks, rep added.
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