please help,looking for a nice xmas prezzie for an autistic 8 year old girl

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Found 19th Oct 2008
im really stuck on what to get my friends daughter as she does not play with any of her toys and she has plenty of clothes cant think of a nice thoughtful gift to get her


maybe a cd player with some story cds

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maybe a cd player with some story cds

hi,she already has one
thanks for suggestion

my son has similar tendencies and toys are a no-no except for board games. He also loves the interactive DVDs-i got engie benjy on amazon for around £1.25 delivered.

recordable teddy bear - bear factory do t- but i think this one from harrods is great value (i know its harrods - look at my listing for teddy voted cold - some people!! ) and it re recordable

heres link only £13.50 + £4.95 p & p…690

Hi, what is she interested in? Children autistic or not usually have something they like. My daughter at that age (she is on the autistic spectrum) loved sticker books of pokemon - this is going back a bit obviously! But she would be so happy with the stickers and putting them into books. It used to encourage her to talk about them too.

what about a childs digital camera, fisher price do a great one.....

What interests her?

Is there something she's rather focused on, does she like practical things?

Puzzles? Gadgets?

Chances are you'll find something she likes.

I have a 22 year old autistic son. I think it would be best to ask your friend what she is interested in, generally children on the autistic. spectrum don't "do" imaginative play but often love things that spin or can be lined up in straight lines. Hence, many love Thomas the Tank Engine. My son loves classical music, it has a relaxing effect on him. Another thing that he and other autistic children that I know love is a lava lamp. Again, it has a relaxing effect,

The teddy bear may be good but my son had a Teddy Ruxpin when he was younger and he hated it. He kept throwing it over the garden fence until I took the hint!! I think its face upset him.
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