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    Ok i have bought one of those netbook thingys but i need to load some programs on and as it does not have a disk drive how do i do i need to buy one...where from and how much hlp as poss would be appreciated!! thanks


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    What programs do you need to load? Alot of the bigger "named" progs (Norton, Office etc.) can be downloaded from the website and activated using the product key on the box.

    If you did want a USB external drive you can get them for about £30 or cheaper from places like Dabs, Ebuyer (even PC World and Currys).

    You might be able to copy the program onto a USB drive and install it that way also.

    edit: It would help if you gave more detail on which netbook and progs you are trying to install.

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    is a cheapish one... Eee PC 701SD..for starters i would nee to add windows has a disk but no drive! once ive got that i would be tht be downloaded from a website?

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    wow ty so much very useful...rep added:)


    wow ty so much very useful...rep added:)

    you have a very similar one to me but i have 2GB of ram, depending on what you want and if you have a PC\laptop with a CD drive just share the drive over the network and run the CD from your EEE, works a treat. I installed XP from a Memory Stick was very easy and now have a dualboot with Ubuntu and XP SP3

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    wow tht was very technical!! is there any way you can explain that more simply? sorry computer dumb
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