Please, how do I install Turbodog 7+ in my Navigo 6 SatNav?

Found 3rd Aug 2014
I have a Navigo 6 SatNav but the voice directions don't work so I downloaded Turbodog 7+ from the Astrob site, extracted the folders and files on to a new SD card but I don't know how to set it up properly. Perhaps someone can help me. Fear Mor.
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Maybe read the manual....
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I have downloaded and read the User Manual carefully but I cannot find where it gives directions on how to install the folders on to a blank SD card. I downloaded and extracted the rar files and placed the resulting folders, gbr, ExtData, MapData, TurboDog 7+ User Manual and MobileNavigator on my blank SD card and although the unit finds 3 satellites, there is no mapping appearing on the screen, neither does it play "Hello World" when I activate the player. Perhaps you will be kind enough to help me if you can?
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