please keep eye out for a cheap HDR-SR10E (not online shops)

    yay.....went to comet last night and got the Sony HDR-SR10E..a HDD HD camcorder..... they said if i find it cheaper in a store (cheaper than £529.99) they will refund me the difference (has to be within 14days though) so just a request for people that if they do stumble upon it cheaper then to please give me a heads up.

    but cant be amazon or other online only places. thanks guys.


    Does it have to be within a certain radius of your store as well?

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    Does it have to be within a certain radius of your store as well?

    dont think so..... they just need to be able to ring them to confirm the lower price...thanks sy

    I'll have a gander when i'm in town later.

    you have to wonder how much this policy is open for abuse...

    now what if I bought that camera from comet at the same price, but then decided to sell it to you through my company as brand new, at £300.... if I can issue you with a comapny invoice at stated price, showing that I do sell through my premesis legitimatly (albeit I only have 1 stocked item), they then would have to honour the difference, you have your camera and are £200+ better off and I can then go and return the camera as myself for a full refund.

    I'm gonna scour the T's & C's see if thats possible.

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    wow MM remind me never to get into a battle over terms and conditions with u...ur very clued up!!

    be fab idea..but it would niggle away at me that i was dishonest (im one of those peeps thats lame at lying!!)thanks though xx

    You'll love this...
    Maidstone Currys has them for £439 today.
    End of line/Clearance deal but had two in stock.
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