PLEASE NEED HELP with xbox360

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Found 6th Jul 2007
right here goes ive got an xbox360,a le40 samsung 40" lcd,and a vga cable

when i connected the vga to my telly i had a great picture but NO sound

a kind guy on here recomended i got a optical audio cable,which i did,,,,,,i connected it and i have still got NO sound

iam desperatly trying to get this working,,,,so if anyone on here can help at all i would be gratefull



A VGA cable doesn't carry sound! Not actually seen one myself.
If you've connected it via optical, I would assume there is something in the 360's settings that to switch the sound output to optical.

not too much of a techie but does ur tv know it should get its sound from the optical?
i know i had to configure the tv to allow from s video

The 360 vga lead should also have 2 phono connectors on them to connect the sound. These will be red and white for right and left sound. You need to connect them to your TV. The Samsung input for sound though is a 3.5 jack so you will need a convertor. Search google for a "3.5 jack to phono" for images and products. The input for the sound is right next to the vga connector on the back of the TV

I have the same setup and very nice it is too.

Hope this helps

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brilliant thanks for all your advise espcially bendy,,,,ive got an adpter comming from ebay,,,£1.84 delivered,,,iam over the moon

cheers guys

Bendybadger is completely correct, though to my best awareness the official VGA lead is already supplied with the 3.5mm jack you require.

I'm almost certain as I distinctly remember that my friend lost his and I gave him mine.
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