PLease Please Please i need help.....cheapest way to buy a mp3/4 or ipod with docking station

    Finding either the cheapest way to buy a mp3/4 or ipod with docking station- just to be used at home on a shelf (confused which ones actually go onto a docking station etc...ccant look fo something if im unsure what im looking at iygwim)
    A micro system that will fit on a shelf that i can either put some music on somehow ie Sd card...?

    Hope one of you lovely people will help me out. i dont want nothing too fancy and something really small whether it a ipod or stystem.

    Thankyou rep on way


    What do you actually want to use it for? ( This may help decide what to go for )

    These "mp3 docks" start really cheap £9.99 or less…nre

    and go up to £100 +…nre

    Depending on what you want/need it to do and what you are prepared to pay


    EDIT or you could go for the micro-system itself…tem


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    Thanks Simon012 for your reply. The speakers ain tno good i want a dock as going to be using this at home constantly.... i would say i would just get a micro-system but then i will still have to buy a mp3 player anyway so may just get a docking system. Which is the cheapest option for mp3 or ipod?? i have seen a docking system for £17.99 but i am unsure what will go in it - dumb i know but know nothing! lol…97A

    Does this just need a ipod to use? if so which one?

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    Anyone????? I have lookedand i would ike to find the cheapest sd car micro system
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