please please please recommend me a great wireless n adsl modem router......

    .....before i tear my effin' air out!!!!!


    I can recommend the netgear dgn3500, pretty awesome especially if you want gigabit ethernet ports, and why wouldn't you.

    I'm on o2 and it works flawlessly, its not cheap mind but you get what you pay for.

    yeah i need a new one mine keeps losing its wifi connections.grrrr

    look at my posts, i have a 3300 for sale;)

    I had a couple who live 4 doors down knock on my door and ask if they come hop on my connection for the evening the other week, I couldnt believe they could pick it up that far away. The new 'n' routers have much better range than my old 'g' netgears

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    the dgn3500 doesn't get wholly great reviews.

    i really need something as reliable as possible.
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