please recommend..

    the best travel guide for me in america, i'll be travelling on a budget

    thanks addy


    Lonely planet or the aa ones have always been pretty good for me.

    where abouts in the states are you going?

    Original Poster

    i want to see california and new york, but after that open to anywhere, i intend to get ideas from a travel guide

    thanks for posting:)

    California is awesome, spent 3 weeks travelling over there when i was a kid. Yosemite is completly breath taking, san fransisco i didn't like, but then again we had just got out of Yosemite when we got there. we travelled through death valley to go to Vegas aswell which was cool. It's a holiday I so want to repeat one day.

    yeah id go with the lonely planet book - thats what we used 4 odd years ago and have to say i loved san francisco although we stayed in a hostel met a great bunch of ppl and just partyed every night seen the sights during the day - had an amzing time.

    lonely planet

    Have a look at the BBC Yellowstone series on iplayer - I really enjoyed visiting Yellowstone National Park, flickr has some pretty good pictures as well. I was there for two months last summer. I spent part of my time in Vancouver in Canada, where I kayaked - (I think its the best place on the planet to live) Drove from Seattle down to Yellowstone through wyoming - went to the Crested Butte to see friends too. Check out the Grand Tetons, 'the arches' Arches National Park - Utah - similar to the Grand Canon. Depends what you like landscapes - cities.

    I prefer 'The Rough Guide' series of books - really good for looking at budget accommodation.
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