Please recommend a sound card better than my onboard asus sabertooth 990 rev.2

    as above


    Better in what respect?

    I picked up an Asus Xonar DGX for S/PDIF out and it works fine, nice and cheap too (need to use 3rd party drivers though - not complicated). If you want to spend more money, I think the Creative sound blaster Z is the go to card.

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    Better in what respect?

    louder headphone jack im going deaf

    I've got a Asus Phoebus i think that is how you spell it. £100 seems a good card with good reviews.


    louder headphone jack im going deaf

    You're not gone that deaf, it's just that you're lineout/headphone doesn't have high enough voltage.
    Depending on if you're into your music creation etc. I'd probably either go for a cheap audio card with headphone out port rated to approx 600ohms.…5-1 £55.99, probably get the stupid £10 off voucher as well from these bunch on thieves.

    Or invest it in a nice audio interface with midi and other crap

    I got a sound blaster z for £55 from ccl because it's oem. great volume and dynamic sound
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