Please recommend a telescope

Posted 18th Apr

I have been looking on the internet for telescopes but have been left more confused than before I started.

I am looking for a beginner level telescope for myself and 10 year old son, I will be looking at planets, stars, comets etc but would also like to look at the horizon (I live quite high up and can see quite far away to Blackpool tower from my bedroom - 32 miles away)

My budget is about £100 - £150 but can budge if it means obtaining a far better model.

Also, one website mentioned binoculars are equally as good as telescopes for looking into space, so if that is the better option then please consider these also for my options.

Thank you very much.
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A refractor is a good starter telescope but don't expect too much of it. Fine for observing the Moon and planets and the horizon as you mentioned, but nowhere near powerful enough for any deep space objects. Never go for a scope based on its magnification, the most important factor is its light gathering capacity.

Here's a rough guide to the different types and mounts available.…tml
This site has all the info you need
Thank you both so very much
Serious answer, don’t waste your money.
By a decent pair of Binoculars with a tripod mount. Something like the Celestron 80x20 or 70x15.

Have a good read online and check out some enthusiast sites. Even a decent 50x10 pair is a great starter for astronomy.
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