Please recommend an Air Compressor

Posted 25th Nov
Can you please recommend an (in stock) air compressor suitable for instantly blowing up tubeless bike tyres and also being able to connect an air line, to blast off water after washing the bike.

Something that's maintenance free, i.e. you plug it into the mains.
I'm not sure if they need topping up with oil etc.

Thank you.
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You sometimes get good deals from Aldi and Lidl but they might be too big for your needs. A large tank is great and necessary if you are using tools that require allot of air but might be a pain to fill if your only using them now and again.
Thank you very much

Since asking the original question and being in a rush to order something.
I ordered this "Scheppach Air Force 2"…245
But I found it at £90 elsewhere.
I liked the compact design, which should it easier to store away.
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