Please recommend me a good-yet-not-too-good headset and speakers

    *skipping half way down the post is probably a good idea :-)*

    This is going to be a bit of an odd request, but my speakers and PC headset now are really starting to become a bit of a pain so I'm going to get some new stuff I think. Both sound pretty good, though I'm no audiophile, and the microphone on the headset is great, but it's just the 'little niggly things' that are a problem.

    Things I hate about my Medusa Headset:
    - Cables, absolutely bloody loads of cables, more cables than the rest of my PC put together. It uses 5.1 sound but that means I need to ditch the microphone since I only have 5 ports on my sound card, so I never get to use center anyway. The plug's a European one and the adapter I've got is shonky. Oh, and did I mention the cables?

    Things I hate about my Creative Speakers:
    - Again, absolutely bloody loads of cables, it's unbelievable how much stuff there is just for two speakers and a sub! The most annoying bit is that the sub is on the floor, and I have to crawl under the desk every time I want to turn them on and off, oh and there's a ridiculous amount of cables.

    So, I am after some headphones that:
    + Just has two cables, 2.1 sound or whatever and one for the microphone. Also, a little adapter thing or whatever which means I can have my speakers and microphone plugged in at the same time, decent sound quality is a bonus. OH! And one that doesn't need a separate amp and isn't plugged into the mains please.

    Also, I am after speakers that:
    + Sound as good as possible but preferably no subwoofer, only 2 speakers and a power button in a reasonable place! Oh, and not a separate volume control that keeps disappearing down the back of my desk either.

    As 'good value' as possible, so that I won't feel so bad about getting rid of my perfectly good yet incredibly annoying current equipment, thank you!


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    Final bump before I go ahead and order!

    I can vouch for the set from Play - they are top class for the price.

    Let us know how you get on with the speakers.

    Cheers, Dio :thumbsup:

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    Cheers Dio, going to order now I think, the speakers look alright and with £20 off you can't go wrong

    thats well cheap!
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