please recommend me site to buy fast charger for note 4!

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Found 26th Sep 2016
hi.i want to buy original/fast charger for my note 4.i hv spend alottttt of money on cheap chargers on sites like ebay now im fed up.....plz someone guide me

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is it the fast charger ?

Just look out for a charger with 2.0 amp or greater output. A 0.5 or 1 amp is next to useless.…rge…rge

These ones above are good, to be honest if you stay with these makes you will be fine:
Auckey, Anker,Tronsmart,
They also have ones with 2 or 3 ports so you can charge more than one device at time

Although expensive its Definitely worth the extra money and much better than the cheap rubbish on offer

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Unfortunately the situation is a mess because there are multiple ways of negotiating power draw but most device and charger manufacturers don't specify which ones they support.

This page says the note 4 supports Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0:…-it

So if you can find a charger that states it supports QC 2.0 then it should work.

Hopefully in future we'll see manufacturers sticking to the standard USB Power Deliver specification or being clearer about what they do support but right now it's a minefield.
p.s. Charging the battery faster will decrease it's lifetime, i.e. cause it to lose it's capacity more quickly. Unless you're someone that frequently swaps phones you may want to use slower chargers when charging overnight etc.


is it the fast charger ?

As others have said the fast charger version is 2A. If you already have one look up the part number on the plug itself. According to Mr Google the part number on the Amazon one I linked too is the fast adaptive charger, the non-adaptive version is 1A. Don't forget you also have to enable fast charging option on the device itself also.
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