Please someone who is pc clued up help me :(

Found 24th Mar 2008
This is driving me crazy im near the edge lol

ok here goes

i have a pc nothing special was all working perfect switched off one night and then switched it on a few weeks later (was a 2nd pc just for watching vids etc)

anyways to cut a long story short it switched on then kept restarting

so i re-installed xp again it worked fine last night, i go ahead and switch on this morning starts up fine but the pc theme is all messed up (all icons show but the screen is black so i can see what im doing etc)

so i re-install a different xp and it starts fine switched off etc and starts up again fine

then i make a little change to some software and what a suprise it loads to the xp bar (u no the green one the moves along)

and thats it restarts again, yet sometimes it will start or let me go into safe mode

its really driving me crazy

any idea's ????

only thing thats brand new on this system is the hard drive
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bit of a long shot i no but my dvd rw is making a lot of noise when accessing my disks
and now while i was re-installing xp it gave me a cannot copy some certain driver error
could it be my dvd rw is on its way out so its not installing xp correctly (ie missing files etc)
Id guess the cmos battery needs replacing but its only a guess.
its most likely the RAM and nothing to do with the dvd drive. if the memory is suspect then during the expansion part of the file copy XP throws up error messages saying it can't read the file. if you have more than one stick try with just one stick (alternating if the error still occurs during the reinstall)
I agree about the RAM theory, it could that once you've rebuilt the PC that a certain memory address on the RAM isn't being used but once it is, it will throw up all sorts of random issues.

run this to be sure:-

My partner had a similar problem and she needed to format the hard drive. So, whether you need to format (wipe clean) the hard drive or get a new one, i don't know but it does sound like it is the hard drive having trouble loading windows properly.
Bad sectors on the HD, ram corruption, overheating component, bad copy of XP. It is really hard to narrow it down without seeing the problems and being able to fiddle around with it.
If it shut off suddenly, I would say perhaps a Power Supply Unit problem or Overheating might be likely.
the progression of randomness leads me to thinking overheating, the more u turn it on the more dust gets sucked into heatsink and it will degenerate v quickly and is easiest to check look for dust and also see if u can power on the machine whilst looking inside to check all fans turning
ram problems can cause many errors but usually they happen at a significant address so are less random unless, you had two mismatched sticks in with a bios tailored to allow that and the 3 wk delay has allowed your bios to reset due to flat battery
after those checks its possible hdd is failing, leave it on overnite that will kill or cure they can seize when not used for periods but 3 wks is fairly quick, shortest non use seize i've seen was 3 mths
yes could be dvd drive seen it many times the failure to read and also corrupting essential code of the os install can cause it to fall over some time later
psu is also high suspect and likely to give very random issues u should have it tested with a proper on-line tester…201

Go here, download this and burn it to CD, this will test ur ram and hard drive on boot up.

Personally, this could be anything. But try the ram first, if its not the ram, I would look at the hard drive. These problems are too varied I think to be anything else. But it could be anything really with these symptoms. Just try one thing at a time.

This could be a psu, gpu, processor even!
thanks everyone for your help, sadly i got soo pissed off i just smashed the pc and took working parts out lol
so how did u know which are the working parts?
tested them all in a barebones system
everything worked fine so im clueless what caused the error
memory - hard drive - cpu - psu - all tested and worked fine only thing left was dvd rw and mobo which mobo i chucked and dvd rw is working fine as its back in my old system
so gonna need a new setup now

thanks everyone for your help, sadly i got soo pissed off i just smashed … thanks everyone for your help, sadly i got soo pissed off i just smashed the pc and took working parts out lol

I was gonna suggest this yesterday, but guessed it wasn't something you wanted to hear, so I held back. I think you did the right thing. There comes a point when all the hassle isn't worth the effort. Well done!
lol cheer's m8 glade i aint the only one i no some are so patient and can find faults n fix them,me i just cant handle all that and would rather smash it and start again lol
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