Please stay at home! A collection of free things to do at home during lockdown.

Posted 24th Mar 2020
Humans Vs Covid19 – Ideas to help you to STAY AT HOME PLEASE!

By now, we’re hopefully starting to get the message about what staying at home means for our fellow humans.However, no one is doubting that sitting on our hands can be difficult, despite so many aspects of our lives now being geared towards making most tasks effortless and able to be completed from our sofas.

I thought it would be worthwhile to pull together a bunch of different things that you could do in order to find this time more enriching.But remember, there’s nothing wrong with just being and you don’t have to be busy all of the time.I have picked a few of the ideas up from other posts – thanks to those users for their ideas!


Whatsonstage List of musicals etc to stream…tml

Watch Broadway Musicals (7 Days Free)

Royal Opera House performances of opera/ballet/classical music (begins 27th March)…ra/

Paris Opera Free Performances…oir

Free Apple Music Via Shazam…459

Tidal – 90 Days Free…=GB

Soundcloud – Music Streaming

WWE Network – 3 months free…ork

Disney+ Disney Streaming Service - 7 Days Free…371


Free Les Mills Workouts…uts

Free access to Asics Studio…811

There are literally thousands of apps available to you to help keep active and to look after your wellbeing.Here is a small selection.

Down Dog – Yoga/HIIT workouts

Headspace – Mental wellbeing app…app

Carrot fit – snarky app that will give you a workout but also tell you when you’re not working hard enough!…678


Century Tech - English, Maths, Science Resources for 3-11 year olds…ts/

Ted Talks – Finally find out what bitcoins are or what the Chinese Zodiac involves:…=en

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) – from top universities across the world…ses

Free Data Science Courses from 365 Data Science…ng/

Learn a language?Rosetta Stone (3 months free)…ts/

Duolingo – free! Phone app available

Khan Academy: It never hurts to brush up on the basics, and Khan Academy has thousands of free lectures and practices on everything from grammar to science.

Udemy: Udemy is an app with tens of thousands of video lectures on a range of topics, from singing courses to event planning. Most courses aren't free (though they are affordable), but there are still free options available.

Virtual Tours of Museums, Zoos, Theme Parks (including the Louvre)…rs/…urs

Kindle – lots of free ebooks and you can download the app for your phone free…_st

Podcasts – For those who aren’t familiar, podcasts are taped discussions with experts (usually) or people who take an interest in a particular topics.And there are hundreds of them.You can usually access them via a wide range of platforms including Spotify and apple.

They might include fairly distinct topics like Sports or History or Current Affairs but might also just be people discussing, well whatever they want.…ts/…ast

Youtube – Where to start here?Music, movies, documentaries, tuition but one thing that I depend on it the most for and something you may find yourself doing at this point is DIY. Whether that is:

How to paint a room…int

How to fix your bike brakes…Z0M

Or y’know, how to melt stuff…cHo

So please, stay at home and look out for one another – most of us don’t really have any genuine excuses not to. This is not exhaustive, feel free to post more suggestions rather than a critique underneath please!
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