Please vote for my friends band !!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Found 3rd Mar 2008…s=C

My friend hannah and her band cuteloony have been nominated for an indy award ....
And i need your help by voting for them via this link
she is an amazing singer and her music is brilliant and she writes all her own songs to Very talented you see ...
you can access her website through the voting pages and i would be very appreciative if you would all spend just 30 seconds doing so
kindest regards and a happy day to you all

Thanks guys if you voted my friends band has been shortlisted to the final 4 from 700 bands which is fantasic news .....
so big up and cheers for your help also great of you have now heard a new band that you like maybe you can keep on supporting them
Give yourself a treat and go to one of there gigs there is always free cake

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can some one do a clicky link as im for to thick to

]Clicky Link

ETA: There are three ways to add a link:

1: If it's a short link, then just put it in your post, and it should automatically turn it into a link. Like this

2: Click on this icon and cut and paste the URL in the popup box.

3: Type the code by hand, so that your link looks like this [noparse]]Great Money Saving Site[/noparse], which makes the following link: ]Great Money Saving Site

The only other thing you need to know is you can't put links in the first post.

done fingers crossed

Done :thumbsup:

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a gig list if any anone is interested
WED 05 - Newbury - The Monument, Northbrook Street.
This is our FIRST gig in Newbury (Hannah's home town).
Music will include: The Whybirds, CuteLoony and Mr Rob Spalding.
AND.. It's FREE!

THU 06 - Bristol - The Hatchet Pub, Frogmore St
CuteLoony are teaming up with The Mandrake Project for a one off party this coming Thursday (6thMar) in Bristol. The Mandrake Project are a wonderfully popular Festival act - They are FANTASTIC!!. Go and check out their Myspace - [url][/url]
Great Music, FREE cake, student discount etc. All those in need of a lift please get in touch.

13-03-08 - Bristol - Tao Bar, Cheltenham Road
23-03-08 - Bristol - Louisiana, Wapping Road, Bathurst Terrace
25-03-08 - Bath - The Porter Cellar Bar, George Street

Please check into our myspace every so often to read our blogs and see what we have been up to - for ex. We have been on US radio (twice) in the last month!!

Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you soon


Mmmm I don't know...Chris Aliano looks like he's got soul!


voted for you

Done :-D

Voted :thumbsup:

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cheers guys and girls very much appreciated................................

could do with a bump though

Wow - lots of talented people there! But since you asked nicely she's got my vote :thumbsup:

Doesn't sound bad at all - voted. :thumbsup:

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fair enough letting people know about your mates band but i dont agree with you getting people to vote for her

I can't seem to find her?


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fair enough letting people know about your mates band but i dont agree … fair enough letting people know about your mates band but i dont agree with you getting people to vote for her

i was asking not telling its your choice
its a good way to get her name about to you never know some big record executive might pick up on it and she will get to be a star........which she is already
dont be a hater man chill with the still:thumbsup:


Voted :thumbsup:

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thanks guys

not my cuppa tea am afraid voted elsewhere! (JK) voted!

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bumped for update info dont tell me off
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