Pleasure beach and sandcastle vouchers needed (this saturday)

    Anyone help perlease


    Sandcastle is rubbish, I wouldn't bother. Cost my Dad 32 quid for me, him and my sister to go in, and half the slides were closed.

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    appreciate the feedback mate will maybe phone and see whats open but would still like a voucher or 2 ;-)

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    If you book online direct on their site think there is a discount but I'm not sure how much notice you need to book,might be a bit short if tomorrow your wanting to go.
    Would like to myself but too far from me,if I'm up that way anytime for a week or so I would def spend a day in there.…ts/

    its 10% but you need book 3 full days.
    I'm sure there was someone asking about this before,and someone give a site for some kind of discount,I'll have a search and will post up the thread if i find it.…tle

    ok thats the thread and the link page still got a downloadable voucher that you must take in when you go but I'm not sure what the discount is,worth having a look.
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