Posted 12th Jan 2009
All my local supermarkets have stopped selling Oxi Clean Laundry Care and it's the best thing since slice bread.

It's the best thing to clean the house with and gets rid of every stain i've ever put it on. If I can't find it i'm gonna cry as I hate housework and this makes it dead easy.

I've been on their website but it doesn't say where I can buy it.
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It's this stuff

[image missing]

try wilkos, asda etc. wilkos should have it
My local Asda, Tesco or Morrisons don't sell it. Shall try Wilko's at the w/e.

is it just for laundry?
No, originally it was advertised as a cleaning product then it re-branded as a laundry stain remover.

It's amazing as a cleaning product, far better than anything I've every tried .. Mr Muscle, Jif, etc and it doesn't contain bleach so doesn't ruin your clothes as your cleaning.
I think Home Bargains has it.
my pound shop does the laundry one its in the round blue tub

I think Home Bargains has it.

home bargains has the tub im sure ive seen they have the spray as i will look for it-i cant stand housework:x
If yu know anyone with a Makro card, they sell huuuuuuge tubs of it for about £2.50.

I agree - great stuff!

I'm gonna have a busy day on saturday... Wilkos's, Homebargains and now Makro.. gonna take me bout 3 hours to go to them all but it's well worth it.

I've emailed the UK distributor, if I get an answer I'll post it on here.

I used to use an oxi powder type thing years ago but when I mixed it up it had to be used within an hour or so. Is the Oxi Clean powder like this?
sorry dont no i just put scoop into washing machine run out now otherwise i would have looked
oops sorry just found old tub in cupboard the one in pound shop is made by astonish an its called oxy-plus maybe not same stuff
Thanks for looking. I've tried other oxi products but Oxi Clean is definately the bees knees!
Lakeland sell the tub and there is a free delivery code on here somewhere…ean
Never had any problem buying this at Sainsbury's (Hedge End, Southampton).
Have you tried vanish oxy action spray, it's in a pink spray and for use on stains in laundry? It's the dogs danglies.
ooh, never thought of Sainsburys (added to expanding list!)

Have tried the vanish but it just doesn't compare x
I have spent the day travelling around Sainsbury's, Makro, Homebargains, etc., and they are sell types of oxi but not Oxi Clean.

Looks like I can only get it off Lakeland, thanks Chock1969 for the tip x
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