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    Hello all

    looking for some advice on this particular mac app. Ive ben to the forums on Plex but not joy, and ive tried thing myself but no joy either.

    Ive transfered my movies from itunes onto plex and all but one were downloaded via app store. One movie was just ripped from dvd. and there in lies the issue. all the movies ive downloaded via the app store do not work but the one ive ripped from dvd works fine.

    what happens with the movies downloaded from the app store is that theres no sound and the movie just shows various scenes from the movie like photos but no actual moving scenes.

    Just wondering if anyone has PLEX as to what I can do to remedy the problem.

    any help will be much appreciated.



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    copy protection? dont use a mac but i came across this with a divx file i bought on usb, will only play with the player it came with, no my usual media centre software.

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    thanks guys for the replies. right,so its not the plex app but the vids themselves. i'll have to stick to front row then. anyone know any good software which will do automatic cover art,movie info etc for my ripped dvd's which i place into itunes?

    that was the good thing with PLEX. you take th movie across and it does all the work for you,meaning sorts out cover art,movie synopsis etc.
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