Pls donate to Floods Appeal !

    Donate now to the National Floods Appeal

    The British Red Cross has this morning launched an appeal in support of the communities affected by recent floods throughout the UK.……xer =


    Nice cause, though I expect most of the effort is being handled by the Army and other gov org's with regard to shelter/water/rescue etc.

    It'll be interesting to see how much of those local economies are screwed cos of this, alot of people are going to be unemployed, unable to pay mortgages etc etc.

    All for a good cause but the goverment should do more. So far they've pledged £10,000,000. But when it's somewhere abroad they are super quick to shell out vast amounts. :x

    Local councils do have emergency funds I'm sure, and considering the cost of the rescue operations etc which I doubt have been directly quoted, it must be into the hundreds of millions by now.

    Come 2 weeks time leccy/water will be back and it's a "Katrina" type aftermath all these places will have to deal economically/infrastructure etc.

    Why does the Red Cross have to get involved, surely the Government should be giving them money and not the tax payer again. I am sure if I was affected I would not see much help from them. Also the Government needs to get their finger out and claim some of the disaster fund money back from the EC.......

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    Government should do more, agreed

    There are so many who have lost everything & living in ankle deep water for nearly a week now needing extra help. Thought I could point out as Red Cross are already there..

    And I wasn't knocking the work they and others are doing, some of which is beyond what their bodies can take. Just a shame it has to happen at all.

    I seem to have said about the sorrow I feel for these victims on the Glasgow airport thread but it did not get a very good response if I remember correctly. I have suffered 2 floodings now, neither if which was very pleasant. lost everything twice over and all because the Government, both local and national are utterly useless. In the end we took the law into our own hands and forced all the farmers to clean out their ditches and the council to do the road ditches, which they did in the end and of course it worked :thumbsup:

    [QUOTE=edi]Government should do more, agreed

    Don't you know they've got an Olympic games to pay for !!

    Crazy the the amount of cash their throwing at that when this mess needs sorting out.:x

    or you could just send to my paypal lol i live in bentley, doncaster and my back garden was underwater!
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