Pls Help me afford my childs 1st b'day

Any tips or deals that could help me save money but not cut corners to have a good b'day



i have one, dont buy anthing your child wont remember it

Exactly! I don't understand why people buy presents for babies.

Aye i have a lad who's just turned 1 and had no idea what the hell was going on lol! even my other lad who is now 3 didn't understand hehe! The 3 year old's b/day was at the beginning of May and he still didn't grasp that it was his b/day hehe!

In a nut shell like the other guys have said your 1year old won't understand, he's too young to take it in

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i realise that but her mum wants a smallish party wit family need sumthing

I agree with the others, our 2 are three now and for the first 2 b'days it didn't matter what they got. Don't waste too much money, save it for later years!

Why not invite the family round and have a good spread of food and few beers. Make it a special day in that way. Your family will buy the usual toys and stuff. Have family & friends - (minus) mothering law is better than money been spent. Food + Few drinks (hic hic) = Fun

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lol just mean any deals on party packs or bags for the children

we didnt get anything for the first few years
they had enough from friends and family

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the type of thing im looking is tesco had a misprice online 30 pack harbo 31p delivered

best bet on party bag treats/sweets ect is poundland . be carefull with the cheapy toys tho for under threes(just in case)or wilkinson have good party bag fillers at reasonable prices.

Have a nice cake and a couple of good ol party games that kids enjoy pass the parcel ect.

the first 2 yrs like mentioned kids only play with the boxes!!!

maybe ask people to bring a token gift and put some money into a bank account for the more expensive toys and partys to come.

I know what you mean Joehosif we have our sons first birthday coming up and whilst we are not splashing out on a present as we are fully aware he will be spoilt rotten by everyone else, i still want to have a nice party for him. We are having a BBq on a sunday afternoon and praying for good weather, its not for a few weeks yet so hopefully the weather will have gone by then. Good luck and if you come up with any good offers i would be grateful and i will do the same for you.

hello pop down to your local asda my friend has just done the same and got plates table clothes banners etc napkins all in (madagascer lookalike) aand paid minimum and its great stuff have a look

it is my sons 1st birthday tuesday and we are having a bbq for him next sunday putting some goal posts up and got one of the huge connect 4s



we brought him this for his birthday argos.co.uk/sta…htm

it will last a few years keeps him out of the sun and makes my life easier just pushing him around
family are giving mothercare vouchers
i made invites myself got some fancy paper got a photo of him off my phone printed them off rolled them up like scrolls and put a gold sticker to seal them

In regards to a present. I would go to your local supermarket and get some big cardboard boxes. We spent a fortune on our daughters 1st birthday and thats all she played with!


In regards to a present. I would go to your local supermarket and get … In regards to a present. I would go to your local supermarket and get some big cardboard boxes. We spent a fortune on our daughters 1st birthday and thats all she played with!

They are always the things that keep them occupied the most!

instore selling, cups plates table conver napkins and party loot bags in the new winniethe pooh and heffalump range, for lyk £1 each packet, very good deal!!

tescos do very cheap banners/balloons, etc too. pound shops are also good - one of my friends found little balls (about 4 inches in diameter, about 20p or something) which everyone thought was fab. in fact lucas still has his and still plays with it. actually, i have a spare banner that i didn't use for my boy's party (bought 2 only used 1) - you are welcome to have it if you give me an address to post it to. pm me if you want it.

caution: do NOT let lil ones blow balloons - it is a major choking hazard as they tend to inhale before exhale and then get it in throats and heimlich does not work as it is a balloon and just inflates a bit rather than gets pushed out.

sorry, a got a bit morbid there!

oh and you can print off invites from the net so don't buy invites if that's something you were thinking of.

or if you want something more personal, get brown paper and just cut them down to appropriate size and stick a hand print on each and you have a lovely invite that your guests will want to keep! ditto brown paper bags (from takeaways, etc for party bags.

gooood luuuuck with the party, hope it goes well. and i must agree with the others - please please please dont spend loads on a present. just something little will do. a cuddly toy or something else that you know will last a few years then get everyone to give cash and you can open up a savings account - halifax have a brilliant children's one - save 4 it. great interest rates, free moneybox, sorted!
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