Pls help!PSP for travelling, which version and is it worth it?

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Found 13th Apr 2008
Hi, I'm going traveling soon and was considering buying a PSP to take with me. I was wondering which is the best version to buy as i've seen ppl saying the older fat version is better than the new slim one.

Also the person i'm going with already has a ds so is it worth it?

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The slim is better.. it has skype.

i have a ds and a fat psp. definately worth having a psp but not sure whether fat or slim is better as ive only got the fat. Having said that, if i was buying one now i would go for new slim version


I would go for the slim as it is much lighter.

I guess it depends how old the website is you've been looking at. The fat version was always preferred since it was easier to change the firmware to 1.5 so that you could run homebrew on it. I've not got a slim, but I understand that it's quite easy to do on that now. If that's the case, slim should be better since you can also connect it to a TV to view divx movies from memory cards, whereas the fat PSP does not have video output from it.

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Thanks for help, I'm not really bothered about tv out as i'm taking it travelling, but interested about skype never used it before how does it work on the psp could I use it abroad?

yeah there's no keyboard or anything...?

also, for the 'is it worth it' question, what would you be doing while the other person is on their ds, i'll tell you, you would be wishing you had a psp...

yeah all my psps are fats, not much of a difference. so u may save some money

Slim ones are better because:
Can connect to TV
Has more internal memory so can support better applications eg skype

If the person you're going with has a DS then why not get a DS instead of a PSP so you can use them together?



yeah all my psps are fats, not much of a difference. so u may save some … yeah all my psps are fats, not much of a difference. so u may save some money

How many have you got?

I believe that the phat one has a better battery life than the slim and lite, so if you are a long way between charging outlets, this would be a better option.

I have both, and there is hardly any difference between the two, save yourself £40 and get the phat.
The TV out is only any good if the TV you have a TV where you are travelling, and I believe that it has to have component input to play the games on anyway.

Buy a USB charger as well, they cost about £1.50, and enable you to charge from any USB port.

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Cheers everybody for all your help, from the sounds of it the a phat one is the way to go as its gonna cost less and it is going to be at greater risk of breaking, sounds like the build quality of the phat one is better along with importantly the battery life.
On the DS front not sure if using them together would add that much I don't think esp as its my girlfriends ds and we don't really play the same sort of games so wouldn't really play against each other, but if I bought a PSP I would have the option of a bit of zelda and mario alongside god of war and GTA etc..

Again thanks everyone who took time to post and help me
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