Plumber Help PLEASE - Kitchen Sink Hot Water Smells Like Rust/Soil/Oil

    I am hoping someone can help. I fitted my kitchen just12 months ago when I moved in and over the last month I was get a terrible smell from the hot water tap, only in the kitchen not anywhere else. It smells rusty, oily, soily and I really need it sorted anyone got any idea's? Only the hot water smells and its not a waste problem it is definately the hot water but only this one sink Rep Left - thanks


    Try cleaning out the trap, could be sludge in bottle giving off smell from the hot steam? Hot water should be the same throughout the property so i think it is definitely to do with the waste.

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    Thanks but the trap is clean if i take the hot water away in a glass is smells - defo the water but thanks anyway

    Same hot water feed throughout the house?

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    no - same feed throughout - thinking maybe I need some kind of chemical treatment to flush the whole system?

    Seems weird though only applies to the kitchen sink.

    Wander if its the last in the chain for hot water and maybe there is a load of cr*p in the pipework?

    Really have no other clue

    Ps i have 3 tanks in the loft - was told low pressure in the house which is evident !!

    Is it hot water tank or boiler (Combi/water heater only)?

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    No not a combi - just an old 18 year old boiler system - sorry not boiler technical !!

    Copper tank with jacket?
    Sounds like it needs a good flush but i don't know which chemical you could use. sry
    Maybe a good idea to leave all hot water taps on over a good few hours and see if that helps.
    BTW if it is an 18 yr old Tank then probably a good idea to change it, you seen the inside of a kettle after 6 months?
    Now imagine seeing it after 18 years.

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    Quite right, was hoping to change to a combi and mis out the tank all together but told water pressure to low for one. Bad timing this side of christmas, just hoping the hot water is dangerous as we use it to wash up!!! am using the dishwasher 24/7 now just incase -

    thanks again for all the suggestions

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    Baffling mate,has there been any work done recently?


    no work done recently either - might have to send in a plumber but thanks again for you help

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    rep left for all yur suggestions !! thanks

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    Sorry mate,hope you get it sorted.

    cheers pal

    It sounds like substandard copper pipes have been used, have the copper pipes checked

    pressure low, maybe the header tank got a dead rat in it,, time to get in the loft lol

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    pressure low, maybe the header tank got a dead rat in it,, time to get in … pressure low, maybe the header tank got a dead rat in it,, time to get in the loft lol

    lol thanks - it was the first thing I checked !
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