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I was just wondering if anyone knows what the going rate would be for a new boiler to be installed? I know nothing about them (other than I think they're all condensing combi now?). The figures 80 and 100 have been mentioned (power?). Our current combi boiler (which is at least 10 years old we reckon) for our 3 bed house with about 11 radiators won't give us hot water when the heating is on, and the heating itself only warms the rads up for about half an hour. We found a plumber who can't work out what's wrong and is about to come and replace a second part (as the first made no difference). Don't get me wrong - we trust him but he's saying a new boiler may be the next step. He quoted £1200 at first, then came back saying we could get a decent one for £900ish fitted. Does anyone have a better idea?


Have you looked into the warm front scheme, they offer grants and discounts off central heating systems, may be worth checking out.…htm

Phone a few gas fitters, preferably get ones that have been used by people you know.

about £900-£1200 is good if he's supplying the boiler aswell as fitting. best type to get is a baxi (not one from B&Q lol) and for it to power 11 radiators it would have to be a pretty powerful boiler.

Only advice I would give is make sure you get 3 separate quotes and preferably at least one of them coming from outside the area of the other two if you get my drift

I would also get someone else to look at your existing set up.

and make sure they are corgi registard and you get the sign off docs etc. if not you may hav problems selling your house later

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Thanks for all the advice. The plumber we got was highly recommended and the only trouble we've had is getting him to find time to pop round. We did have other plumbers round (for current problems, not quoting for new boiler), but they were just from the phone book, so didn't know who to trust. It's hard if there's noone home during the day too (what would I do without my mother-in-law!). Hopefully he'll fix our boiler.

It is not really a plumber/gas fitter you want as most do not have the electrical fault finding ability or equipment to find what are often defective control boards or activated safety devices that have cut in due a fault. For example if the fan in a combi fails the boiler may fire but shut down in few seconds.

In my view this plumber may be good bloke but is not much use, ok for new bathroom or extra radiator. What you want is a technician however some also do plumbing work so it not easy for you to sort. The problem is most lie or don’t admit the have not got this experience. If you contact the makers they will recommend an approved repairer, who will obviously be CORGI approved and have the diagnostic equipment to diagnose the fault and then have/can get the parts to fix it.

As your boiler is ten years old I agree that you may have had your moneys worth, so get a quote fromthe British gas for a new boiler or system and then use the speciation from this quote to shop around, it can only get cheaper! as you need to compare like for like

Good luck

heard you can get about 150 pounds for your old boiler as the price of the metals have rocketed!

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Well, the good news is that we now have heating and hot water! Hopefully the boiler will last a while longer :o)
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