Plumbing dishwasher next to washing machine

Posted 7th May
Hi all,
Have just purchased a dishwasher to put right next to my washing machine, not too sure about plumbing it in so need some help please!

Looking at the picture below, am I correct in saying that I need to purchase a twin waste connector to change on the right hand side of this pic?

Also, how would I go about supplying a cold water feed to the dishwasher? Would that also be a twin connector type or something else?

Thanks in advance!

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You could get one of these here
Turn the isolation valve off for the cold feed (right hand side) add a compression Tee and a new washing machine valve. You will need a few inches of copper
I read somewhere once, can't remember where, not to have them on at the same time regardless of their positioning. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I told a friend and she reminded me the other day when we were chatting generally about this and that!
I have 2 water feeds and 2 drains.
Plus a hose extention to reach.
We use both at the same time quite often.
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sdoherty100007/05/2020 15:32

You could get one of these here

Yep this exactly, and them a similar one for waste water. I have it like that and no problems, sometimes have them on at the same time and never been an issue (although I am always nervous when we do ).
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