Found 27th Jul 2009
My puppy has chewed one of the grey plastic pipes that feeds the radiator, it's a very small piece of 90 degree grey plastic pipe. Any ideas on what it's called and how to replace it?


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might be a 90 degree " push fit " fitting? is the rest of the pipe grey aswell?

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thanks for the quick reply, yes the rest of the pipe is grey too. House is only 3 years old so is a new system, there are no pipes through floor if you know what I mean?

yeah it will be plastic push fit pipe, has he gone right through it to cause it to leak?

does the joint look like this?

prob just a push fit as stated, local plumbing shop will be 2 quid most

sounds like if your puppy chewed all the way thru it, you may have to bleed your heating system down to change it as these fittings work on pressure and to get them off the pressure has to be zero. is there two large knuckles on the fitting?

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hang on, I will take a pic and post it, it is leaking slightly. Anyone wanna buy a chihuahua?? Not the one in my picture - she's a good girl!


hang on, I will take a pic and post it, it is leaking slightly. Anyone … hang on, I will take a pic and post it, it is leaking slightly. Anyone wanna buy a chihuahua?? Not the one in my picture - she's a good girl!

If it is leaking slighly then you will have to drain the system to replace it and then re-pressurise and vent it ( i presume it will be a pressurised system in a new house)

if its dripping then id change it asap as im guessing your heatings not on at the moment? because when you do start using it again the pressure running thru the heating part of the system will probably cause that to spilt open.

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ok that didn't work

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ok that didn't work

not having a good day are you!:-D

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how do I post a pic??? x

think you have to post it on a site like image shack then copy and paste the url to the reply box or somthing like that, ive only ever done it once on here

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I have got as far as getting it in photobucket

think you have to copy and paste the img bit or somthing so it gives a link to the photo on photobucket

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can't do it! the pipe is small on one end and bigger on the other. Can't believe this is happening!

Original Poster…jpg

last try, this is direct link to pic - may have to cut and paste it into browser

might be the same in the photo that someone else posted earlier just reduced fitting on one end. either way if its dripping it needs to be changed. are you on a combi boiler?

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yeah I think so, can you tell I am not a plumber by trade? ha ha. I have 2 boilers, 1 in the kitchen and one on the third floor

just the same as the photo earlier put up but just has one joint on it , 90 degree push fit, looks like it might be on 10-12mm pipe? hard to say really, the cost aint for the part its all the draining down and re-pressure the system that will cost, unless of course you know someone who will do it for you. screwfix or any plumbers merchant should stock the part

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I don't know a plumber - these things ALWAYS happen to me, hence the name 'jinxie'

im a chippy by trade so i cant really help you either, there might b a plumber on here that could talk you thru it? be a long post if he does tho!

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Thanks for all your help, any plumbers reading this that would do the job in exchange for a cuppa tea and a bacon sarnie - please come forward!

good luck with getting the repair done!

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Thanks, here is the link to the naughty puppy in question…jpg

laid in the washing basket (tut tut tut)

tut tut, how could you tell that off! ahhh.

This looks like the fitting you want.
Stem elbow 10mm…-10

I'm a plumber but unfortunately no where near you, unless you live on the isle of man?
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